North West Coastal Trail Workshop Held in Morecambe

On Monday June 20, the North West Coastal Forum hosted ‘Accessing the North West Coast’, a workshop to discuss access along the North West coast with stake holders from the region and to promote the North West Coastal Trail vision.

The event was attended by over 40 local stakeholders, who heard representatives from Sustrans, the British Horse Society and the Ramblers Assocation shared their perspectives on the current state of coastal access, and Danny Moores from Natural England gave an update on the status of the English Coastal Access Route, where preparatory work has begun on the first development stretch in the North West, between Whitehave and Allonby in Cumbria

The workshop was also interactive and stakeholders were invited to contribute their thoughts to several issues, including ‘What is already happening/planned on access areound the North West Coast?, ‘What can local authorities and others be doing in advance of the national scheme roll out to improve access to the coast?’, and are there any ‘quick wins’ for future development’?

A full report on the workshop and stakeholder responses will be published in August.

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