Durham Heritage Coast wins UK Landscape Award

In late 2010, the Durham Heritage Coast was voted the UK’s best landscape in the inaugural UK Landscape Awards. Over a century of coal waste tipping had endowed the coastline with notorious black beaches, but since being awarded Heritage Coast status in 2001, it has undergone a huge transformation. Thanks to the clean-up program ‘Turning the Tide’, managed by the Durham Heritage Coast Partnership, the coastline, which stretches from Sunderland to Hartlepool, is now unrecognisable from its industrial past.

Wild grasslands, fauna and flora have been reintroduced and the natural processes of the tide have regenerated the beaches. The area is now attracting large numbers of visitors who can see one of the UK’s largest colonies of little terns and in summer, the rare Durham Argus Butterfly. For more information about the area, visit the Durham Heritage Coast website.

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